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Record of Success

Public service is about making society better and responding to emerging issues with measured responses.  My best days as an elected official were when we were able to get stuff done. Highlighted below are just a few of the things I am proud to point to as my record of success.


  • Partnered with the Mayor to lead passage of the Street Levy.  Passed by 65%+ and resulted in record annual amounts being spent on our infrastructure.
  • Partnered with City Council to put the Library Levy on the ballot, resulting in longer hours and more services.  Passed by 65%+.
  • Partnered with the Mayor to renovate RiverFront Park.  Refinancing the bonds is allowing us to reinvigorate downtown with a $65 million investment.



  • Led effort to create Racial Equity Committee inside the criminal justice reform effort. Former Co-Chair of the Committee.
  • Sponsored the Spokane Fair Elections Ordinance to provide easier access for all citizens interested in local office. Reduced campaign contribution limit, reduced the fundraising cycle, and put an end to “dark” money.


  • Developed the Targeted Investment Strategy for City of Spokane, starting with $18 million in Sprague corridor, this has now been adopted as the City’s official economic development strategy. The project opened to accolades in 2017.
  • Led efforts to create the first City-County joint Public Development Authority by late 2017.  This is the first time that the City and the County will profit share and put funds into economic development.


  • Sponsored the Public Works Apprenticeship Ordinance. This workforce development program requires 15% apprenticeship utilization on projects over $600,000. Building a stronger workforce.
  • Led effort to put operation and management of Waste to Energy Plant back in taxpayer’s hands. This saved 45 positions and allows for local firms to bid on the work.  This move has saved the City $1 million a year.
  • Passed strong wage theft laws protecting workers in Spokane.
  • Led effort to pass Paid Sick Leave in the City of Spokane for all workers.



  • Led effort to ban City from purchasing products with PCBs.
  • Led effort to ban City use of neonicitinoids.
  • Sponsored law to create a City purchasing preference for recycled products and materials.
  • Sponsored ordinance to waive City permit fees for solar energy systems and electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Sponsored the ordinance to divest City of Spokane funds from fossil fuel companies.
  • Led effort to ensure that each new vehicle the City purchases has better gas mileage than the vehicle it replaces.
  • Led effort to pass Urban Farming initiatives. More locally grown food helps the economy and increases community.
  • Sponsored the ordinance to create the City of Spokane’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Goals.
  • Led the passage of cottage housing laws to increase housing options and density in the City’s core.
  • Led the formation of the Spokane Food Policy Council.
  • Sponsored the ordinance to require all new and major renovations of City of Spokane buildings become LEED Certified.



  • Led effort to increase City Spending on Human Services by over 100% in the last 4 years.
  • Sponsored law to remove misdemeanor marijuana convictions from criminal records in Spokane after marijuana was made legal in Washington.
  • Sponsored ordinance to prohibit City of Spokane participation in religious registries.
  • Sponsored law that prohibits the City’s ability to inquire into a person’s immigration status.
  • Codified the City’s Bias-free policing policy.
  • Led effort add veteran representation to the City’s Community, Housing, and Human Services Board.
  • Sponsored law to add domestic violence and sexual assault victim status to the City’s non-discrimination ordinance.


  • Led the creation of Spokane Arts and the Spokane Arts Fund.
  • Tripled Spokane Arts Funding in 2016 and all future years with dedicated funding.
  • Repealed regulations on venue owners that deterred live music.

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